I see a girl in pain 

I see a girl in pain 

With her hotness overshadowing her cute smiles

I see a girl in pain 

Her dependence taught her the needs of independence 

The caring bird in now an unconcerned soul 

The smile is a little less wider 

and the eyes a little less brighter 

I see a girl in pain

She shut the world out
Made a world among her friends 

She knows she’d die for them

I hope they know it too 

for Amidst the turmoils of teenage

I see her trapped in her own isolation 

and I see a girl in pain 
Her moves on the floor and shots after shots 

they see a carefree soul 

Tired she sits in the corner

the dance is not to blame

 I see her eyes shining brighter 
the whiskey has played its game 

for the eyes let out the tears 

I see a girl in pain

She says love sucks

for it did, the soul out of her

I see her afraid of attachments

The failed commitments are to blamed 

I see a girl in pain 

I see a girl in pain 

The girl in White 

With the morning skylight touching my panes 

With the morning skylight touching my panes 

I often see this dream. 

I am on a stage in my black tux

and a beige guiar in my hand 

The roaring crowd, only flashes to be seen

my heart pumping hard yet calm

And as i start with the intro of my song, 

I see A Girl in White, standing in the aisle 

Her long hair flowing steady 

and her bracelet shining bright
But the glow behind her, like an angel’s halo

won’t allow me to see her face

And as i row my musical boat into the verse, 

Her steps move towards me, 

The beauty growing inversely with the distance 

the halo making her white more heavenly. 

I crave to see her face, she seems to be someone i know 

She raises  her hands to me, asking me to come with her

And i want to hold it, like its the end of all the agony 

I have a song to finish and her face to see, 

but the halo won’t allow
The roar of the crowd now louder than before, seems so serene in her presence. 

And with the outro of my guitar, the light outshining her starts receding, 

i see her bright earrings, 

I have seen them on someone, i just don’t remember who

And then i hit the last note, her hand within my reach, her face almost i see. 
And just before the face starts taking its shape, i go wide awake ;only the moving fan to see. 

The first piece of Bread. 

Ahead, i followed the shimmer of her hair

while the glow sat in my eyes

Only to glare the love, the one behind me had. 
The sadness of the world lies inherently in the problem that we do not want what we get and we want what we might not.
Love; if showered, is thrown. 

If concealed, is quenched.

Chasing after false identities and the glitter of infatuation, numerous stories have been murdered. 
Maybe u loved them,but what if the person you thought ain’t the loving type was your solace, the solace you still haven’t found!
U were thinking you would die without them, while you are still breathing, maybe you would have actually lived if u hadn’t ignored them like the 1st piece of bread. 

Only if we had turned back to look at the one peeping at us from the corner, while we were busy ogling at people who did not care. 

I always knew her eyes were fixated on me when we were in close proximity, 

while my mind was always clouded with the thoughts of a long lost cause. 

No matter how hard she tried getting close, i pushed her away with the cold she did not deserve.
She found a rebound,He held her firm… only to break her more.

And now she’s too scared to love again.

Years later I see her, the face though prettier,

her smile less wider. 

The eyes still dark, but with the gaze of pain.

And it’s all my fault. 
Love back the ones who love you. Respect them for the time they invested thinking of you. Owe them for the prayers the did for you unknowingly. 

For once you have realised that you bound a free soul, there’s no way to redemption.
Karma my friend, will have its toll.

U get what you give, you smoke what you roll. 
In a fight of the love i couldn’t conjure; against the love I couldn’t fathom, she lost it all. 

In the brawl of the love i couldn’t show; against the love I couldn’t see., I lost it all.

The one you Luved, The one you couldn’t Love 

And now that you’re going, it all comes back to me.

The hour long conversations and in it, the narration of the story of my life. 

I remember  how you cried over it, and made sure i was luved enough. 
Since then,the clock of my life moved around you.  
I remember how you fought me when i dozed off without a goodnight wish. 
How you made sure my gut was full and the migraine at bay.

and how you told me every detail of the day.

The cravings of meeting against the 500 km long stay. 

And then we met, I couldn’t take my eyes off you, neither could you. Under the table our feet met amidst our naive friends. 

We went on our walk, our fingers entangled, eyes froze and it was peace even in the humid heat. 
And slow and steady,overwhelmed by your care I fell in love knowingly, a cravass i was heading to.

You loved him more since long, so it really didn’t matter- the magnitude of my love. 

I remember the silent dates, where i mostly gazed upon  to fill my quench of you. 
I told you i loved you, but you already knew.

Not a proposal, just an admittance. 

You thought going away was good for me, i knew it wasn’t. 

You drifted away no matter how hard i held your hand. 

The chats became shorter, i stopped getting screenshots of your new dresses. 

No one asks me of my meals anymore. 

Only your stories tell me of your whereabouts, not you. 
You couldn’t be mine, but then again all love is not meant to be achieved. 

I lived mine through,i lived us through. 
and now that you’re going, it feels empty without you. 

I hope you stay happy, and he treats you right 


if he breaks your heart like lovers do, know that I’ll be waiting here for you. 
– the one you Luved, the one you couldn’t Love

are you lying to the mirror? 

Lying to the mirror.

Let’s face it.Everybody lies.To friends,to teachers,the hostel warden,to parents and to the beloved, most importantly.

But are you lying to yourself ?

About the person that you truely are ? glorifying your identity falsely to live in a happier mirage ?

Ignoring your obvious flaws and contented in your hollow self? 

You tell yourself that the next one will love you more ,while you actually wish them to spend more.

You say you rejected someone because they were too possesive but you actually started finding their beauty somewhat less beautiful ?

Have you been telling yourself every night that all you need is someone who loves you; while you want a someone to be your filthy rich sugardaddy/sugarmama ? Maybe you wanted not just their soul, but the body. 

I’ve seen people lying to the mirror;Creating a lie and living it with such cruel honesty,that they destroyed everyone around.

What’s more scary ? they failed to realize that they did all the damage.For someone who always thinks of themselves as an harbinger of goodness,this realization in quite tricky.

In an overnight gathering of people we call. friends, the most common question asked to singles is the qualities of their ‘perfect partner’ .And entities like Ambitious,Kind at heart,Mature,Rational are launched in the air at speeds highers than Agni II. 

Are you sure the last person you called BABY wasn’t any of these ? And the one you are in pursuit of is ?
The more you carry on with your false identity; the more it gets heavier to drag .

You start changing your own statements and realize it later on to wonder which opinion is truly yours.In case you did this,not necessarily knowingly ;people start calling you hypocrite and other related stuff.

You make fake promises of be the same for the life time and when people ask about why you changed, you give vague explanations about changing times. 

If you are lucky enough,you’ll realize about the fact that you’ve been lying to yourself all this while.Reconcile your innerself.And make peace with the demons you created. 

 So, have you been lying to the Mirror? 

I did not do it intentionally 

‘i did not do it intentionally’ 
Yes you did. You were just blind. 

You knew you were living a lie and selling the same to me. But you chose to move on with it. 
You told me I meant the world to you.

I remember the times when you’d fight me if i slept without hearing your voice 

And now u sleep tight in your bed, unaware of my existence. 
I remember when you ‘d call me in the middle of the night over how you fought your mum and

your ego wouldn’t let you say sorry. 
I remember how you used to take notes if I had my meals and if they were good for me.

If i took my medication and stayed away from cold when sick 
I remember when we used to know each others location 24/7 and now i lay here on this cold floor staring blatantly at the ceiling wondering if you think of me sometimes.
The texts became briefer and the calls shorter. 

i complained and you said it’d be fine.. 

i complained and you said i expect too much. 

I complained again and you said there’s nothing you can do. 
Its not you i miss, it’s what i became around your proximity. 

Its not the things you would do for me, it’s what I won’t for anyone else ever. 
You knew the forever wasn’t forever and it’d come to this ugly end.

For when I walk down the memory lane, i see no fork where things needed to change this way. 
You say you did not do all of this intentionally 

I say you did

You say u didn’t want it this way

I say you did, i say you did

Breakups and Facebook 

​Different People Breakup every other day and unfortunately some post about it everyday .

Gone are the days when people were dumb in private private,people do it in on mass media. 

Being Queried, they answer- ‘ive moved on’ . If that ain’t hypocrisy, i don’t know what is.For a few days people do have a pity on the people with the sorrow, but nobody likes that sort of negativity in their life.

I don’t see people posting ” Getting laid with so n so” during the relationship so why bother other people with the bad parts.The latter however would have been intresting.

I’ve seen people posting so many of those that  even i start missing their exes. I don’t completely understand the mentality but ive a few notions. 

1. Still interested. 

Worthless effort pal. I believe if they actually cared, they’d have made it while. All it would do is irritate a normal being and make some idiots feel proud of the effect they left and declare you desperate in Facebook.


Channeling the anger can be really worthile rather than hunting for more n more breakup posts. Personally, it has done tonnes for me.Go on a trip, write a book, learn to cook, pet a god. A million things to do and you lot are busy depressing the cosmos. 
Nobody sympathises with breakups, they laugh over it. That’s a fact and that’s the way people are these days. 

If you are right, u don’t need to shout it to the world. If you are wrong, you got no rights to shout. So please stop shouting your sorry heart out on Facebook, our eyes hurt. 

In a world where happiness is fading day by day amidst the struggle for life, these posts are not helping it. Most people use Facebook for lightening the mood with thousands of hilarious pages with a million jokes and memes. Trust me after a tiring day, nobody wishes to see a sad ex portraying their misery. 

Breakup Posts Hatao. Facebook Bachao.